Rule #1: My first Real Estate Broker, Mentor and Coach "Isabelle Langley" of Century 21 Langley where I got my first opportunity back in 1985 to start my life career in Real Estate had a favorite saying: "You got to Circulate to Percolate" Now go start circulating. The idea that life owes you / me something never entered into her mind or into mine!

At Heritage Homes & Lands I believe the same thing is true our Heritage is not one of setting back on our laurels and waiting for something to jump into our laps.

My Pledge to you in marketing your real estate or in finding your home or land to start your new "Heritage" with, is to not stop circulating till your real estate requirements are fulfilled.

Hard work is still an American Heritage but Hard Work alone is not all that it takes.

It takes "Education, Skills, and Experience"

I have 34 years of experience in Real Estate in the Tennessee Valley.

Along the way I have logged countless hours of Class's and Education to better my ability to serve

I have developed unique set of Skills in negotiation, advertising, and applications of marketing plans to offer you the highest level of performance in Real Estate Services for you.

To find out more about my real estate services call Darwin White at 423-421-4111 or Heritage Homes & Lands at 423-894-8999